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Biosciences - Biological, Biomedical and Forensic Science

Key subject collections (databases)

Databases provide searchable collections of articles or papers, reports and other information from academic and scholarly journals and sources, use them to search on a specific topic.
Although a particular database may not contain the full article, the Library often does have access to the full article. Go to the Library Search, select E-journals Titles and search by the journal name (not the article title) listed on the database record. Once in the journal, type or copy and paste the beginning of the article title into the journal search box.

Most important databases for your studies = ★

These give bibliographic references and short summaries of individual journal articles and the full text to many of the articles themselves.

Browse individual journals and search in the journal or search across all the journals by topic keywords – click on ‘Search’ at the top of the ASM webpage. Some relevant titles are:

These are comprehensive and international. They give references and detailed abstracts (summaries) of individual journal articles or papers.