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Suggested Web Browser Extensions

A list of online resources and tools to help you find openly available research. These tools are browser extensions. This means they can be added to your internet browser and provide one-click access to articles.

 Core Discovery
CORE harvests repositories and journal websites to create the world's biggest database of open access research articles. The CORE browser extension provides one-click access to a free, full-text version of a journal article. 
 Endnote Click 
Chrome and Firefox extension.  One click access to millions of research papers. EndNote Click helps you get to your full-text PDFs faster by securely connecting you to your library's journal subscriptions and open access content. 
Google Scholar Button
Chrome, Firefox, and Safari extension. Works with your Google Scholar settings. Look up papers from citations, cite papers, or search via the button. 
Open Access Button
Chrome extension: The next time you can't access the research you need, use the Open Access Button. The Button searches thousands of sources to get you instant, legal access to articles.
This plugin indicates PubPeer comments wherever they appear. A lightweight plugin to install and forget about. You will only notice that the plugin exists when it alerts you that an article has comments on PubPeer. PubPeer can also mark retraction articles.
Chrome & Firefox extension to find available versions of a published article. Unpaywall is run by Impactstory, a nonprofit dedicated to making scholarship more accessible to everyone. Open is our passion. So it's only natural our source code is open, too.