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Finding resources- archived

Finding resources

Also see Accessing and Using E-books

You will typically have a reading list for each module that you take. Reading lists are available online; you can locate the reading list for your module through the "Reading List" tab in the Weblearn site for that module.
We have created a handy video which tells you more about using the online reading lists system.
On your reading list you can click on each item to access it if it is an online resource, or to find out where it is in the Library if is it a print resource.
Your tutor will mark each item on your list as either Core or Additional Reading. Core items are those which you are required to read as part of your study for this module; they form an essential part of your learning and may be discussed in class. Additional items are those which you might want to read to further your knowledge and understanding of the topic.

What kind of things will I be reading?

Studying at university means reading a wide range of resources to develop your knowledge and understanding. Which particular types of resources that you read will depend on your subject area. You may find the following things (and more) on your reading list:
Jigsaw image of resource types
The next few sections explain how to locate these different types of resources to read.