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Finding resources- archived

Finding resources

How to find a book on the Library shelves

If you've got the classmark (number on the spine) of the book, but don't know how to go about navigating the library shelves, you're in the right place!
Watch this video that shows you how to locate a book on the shelves using the classmark:

Title: How to find a book on the shelves
Description: This short tutorial video will show you how to successfully find a book on the shelves in the library.
Date Added: 29 August 2017
Contributor: James Allen
Tags: library, library services, finding books, locating books, find a book, shelves

How to find the classmark and how the classmark works

If you don't yet have the classmark (number on the spine of the book), then you're in the right place!
If you're looking for a book that's not on an electronic reading list, then you will need to search for it on the Library's Classic Catalogue using the book's title or the title and an author's surname. Once you've clicked through to the book details on the catalogue or from an electronic reading list (which may look slightly different, but contain the same information):
  • Write down the classmark, including all numbers and letters (see the Classmark column underneath the book details in this screen shot of the catalogue): 
Screenshot of a book record in the Library Catalogue showing the classmark, which is the number on the spine of the book and dictates where it is shelved.
NOTE: unless the 'Status' column says AVAILABLE or LIB USE ONLY, it will not be on the shelves. Also check the 'Location' column to see in which library each copy is housed.
  • Look at this page that explains about classmarks.
  • Follow the signs in the library to find where books at that classmark are located on the library shelves and see the video at the top of this page.
  • Ask for help from a member of library staff if you have any difficulty finding a book