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Referencing: Zotero: workshop recordings


Zotero workshop

Zotero via your PC workshop handouts

These are the two handouts we give out at the Zotero workshops to help you to download and install Zotero on your own computers/laptops and to help you to add your chosen referencing style to any computer on which you use Zotero.

Exceptions to note with some references:

Both Zotero and Mendeley do not provide referencing templates for some visual sources:

  • academic posters
  • computer and digital resources
  • TV programmes
  • images and images generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) sites
  • text generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) sites

You will need to enter the information on a blank template on these referencing platforms. Copy the referencing information from the London Met Harvard Referencing quick guide; it includes referencing AI. Consult the London Met Harvard Referencing full guide for all material types except AI. 

Quick guide to ZoteroBib