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Can you use this in your coursework?: Audiovisual resources

Can you use this in your coursework?

Why use audiovisual resources

As the name suggests, audiovisual resources are those that have an image and a sound component, and can offer additional content to enhance your studies. A number of the resources below will be ideally suited to you if you are studying a Film, Theatre or a Performing Arts-related course. Alternatively, you may be one of the many students who prefer to access information through watching videos. We have a range of moving image resources available. Some are free on the Web and some are paid for by the University.


You should consider that the content may be provided via a streaming service or as a physical DVD/CD shelved in the Library. The Library Catalogue allows for a DVD search to be specified, or the Advanced Search function (shown below) allows you to limit to just CDs.

Screenshot of the Library Catalogue Advanced Keyword Search showing where to choose just CDs or DVDs

When referencing audio-visual material pay particular attention to the referencing style that is used in your subject area - Check out the different Referencing styles.


The following resources are available to you but you may find others on the Web:


Moving image


Also, consider if there are podcasts in your area of study that may feature quotable views and opinions.