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GSBL Academic Mentors

Contact your Business Academic Mentors for support with your academic writing, maths & stats, English language support for academic purposes, Law academic writing.

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The best place to find your reading list is on Weblearn.

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Useful Study Skills

Front image of book Study Skills for International Postgraduates

Study Skills for International Postgraduates: Topics include critical thinking, research, writing and speaking skills.

Study Skills Textbooks

Front image of book study skills toolkit for students with Dyslexia

The Study Skills Toolkit for Students with Dyslexia

Planning assignment; Understanding questions; Researching;  Writing; Referencing; Assignment checklists.

Academic Writing for international students of Business & Economics

Academic Writing for International Students of Business & Economics

Contains glossary explaining technical terms. Deals with the specific language issues for Business & Economics students including guidance for academic writing in English.

Journal extension browser

Get fast access to scholarly articles

LibKey Nomad is a great tool which helps you to easily find scholarly journal articles.  When you are searching on the web, Nomad lets you know if any of the content is available from our library subscriptions or open access alternatives. 

All you need to do is add an extension to your web browser. 

Go to, select your browser at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions to add the extension. When prompted, select London Metropolitan University as your organisation. 

When searching the web look out for the Nomad button to link you to the article.

The Nomad Button- it has a green flame and says Download PDF 

E-book collections - Useful resources for assignments and topics