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Creating a reading list for module validation

The availability of the reading lists system means that it is no longer necessary to create a separate reading list/bibliography in the module validation documents; instead, a reading list can be created on the system and this will serve as the single source of truth through the module assessment process and can then be turned into the ‘live’ version that the students see, assuming the module receives approval. Once the reading list has been created, simply insert its URL into the appropriate box (no. 11) on the validation form.

What you need to do

Make sure that you are logged in to the reading lists system.

Create the reading list by going to My lists > Create New List

Give the reading list the module name but include the prefix: ‘FOR VALIDATION’

  • ie FOR VALIDATION: The Dutch Golden Age

Description: Enter ‘Reading list awaiting validation’

Hierarchy: Leave this field blank

Year: Enter the current academic year even if the module is not due to run until a later year

Add the items to your list as per the instructions in the guide

  • How to structure the list and add items

Publish the reading list by selecting the blue ‘Publish’ button.

If a paper copy is required by an external examiner go to:

View > As student > View and Export > PDF – Bibliography

Log out.

Search in the box marked ‘Search for lists, models & courses’ under what you have called your newly created list, ie For Validation [Module name]

Cut and paste the URL of the list into your validation document

NB if you cut and paste whilst you are still logged in the URL will not work for anyone else.

What happens next?

Notification of validated modules is sent by the Academic Quality and Development team (AQD) to Library Services. We will convert the FOR VALIDATION reading list into a reading list with a module code and will ensure that it is rolled over into the following academic year, ready for teaching. This also means that the list gets attached to the module hierarchy.