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Where to start with Library resources

Finding library resources online

We've got your back, London Met students and staff! Every year, we spend millions of pounds to make amazing resources available online and get you through the paywalls that block access to them, so that it's easier to study and research for your assignments. 

These resources and platforms are all different and you'll need to use a wide range of them throughout your time at Uni. There are a lot of different pathways that can lead you into accessing our online resources- don't worry if they can seem confusing at first.

This guide explains what each platform offers you so you can find the perfect resources and support for your assignments. 


Where do I start?

We know it can be confusing when you're not sure where to look for information.  Below we have listed the best places to look for library information and resources.  But remember you can always just ask us.

✨ Library Search is best when you are searching for information using keywords. You can use it to find books, journals, articles and more. Learn more about Library Search.

✨ The A-Z of online resources is where you can find all our e-resources and databases. Many of our online resources can be searched via Library Search- but not all of them.  Take a look at all our resources here so you don't miss out. Learn more about the A-Z.

✨ Your Subject guide will suggest the best resources for your subject and lets you know who your Academic Liaison Librarian is, and how to contact them. Find your subject guide.

✨ Library Matters is a set of research guides where you can find help with academic skills like researching and referencing. Go to Library Matters.

For your modules your lecturers may create an online reading list, with recommended reading especially for that module.  Learn more about reading lists.

✨ Find practical library information, like opening hours, on the Library website on Student Zone. Go to the Library website.

Library Skills Workshops

Led by the Academic Liaison Librarian team, these workshops will help you develop your skills for uni and beyond.  

Upcoming workshops...

Library Refresher and using Library Search
⭐ Returning Autumn 2024
Referencing with LondonMet Harvard 
⭐ Returning Autumn 2024
Introduction to Zotero
⭐ Returning Autumn 2024
AI: Good Practice
⭐ Returning Autumn 2024


For full details of our workshops take a look at: Library Skills Workshops 

Top tips!

🤩 Don't forget! Using the links provided on the Library platforms will let you log into our online resources as a member of the University, and give you full access to all the resources we pay for. Attempting to access resources directly through your browser or Google may lead to you being asked to pay for content, when you don't need to.

TOP TIP: Why not bookmark some of the platforms that seem of most use to you so you've got quick access to them when you need them.

Troubleshoot. If you are having trouble accessing an ebook or database journal article, the easiest way to fix it is by clearing your browser cache, or history to reset the cookies in your browser. Here are links to instructions on how to do this in ChromeFirefox, and Safari. If you are unsure on how to do this in a different browser, search “how to clear cache” for your browser.