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London Metropolitan University

3D and Visual Communication

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Online reading lists

The best place to find your reading list is on Weblearn.

Each of your modules will have a Blackboard site. Look for the "Reading List" link in the left hand menu to link to your online reading list.

Or do search for a reading list by module code or title using the quick search box below:

Reading List

Search for lists, modules & courses

Recommended databases


Specify-It is a UK construction resource hub, offering a searchable database of product info, BBA certificates, and connections to 90,000+ industry professionals. It integrates with CIS, simplifying research and enhancing project management. Subscribe for cost control, workflow improvement, and time savings. After entering your login details to CIS, first select Knowledge Workspace platform, then Specify-It as shown below.

screenshot of CIS landing page

I can help you with

  • Research for assignments, dissertations and projects
  • Effective use of Library subject collections, databases and other resources
  • Referencing and plagiarism
  • Basic study skills
  • And any other information needs you may have related to your studies